Hardcover Edition

8.5 x 8.5 inches

176 glossy interior pages

A photo incuded for each recipe


This cookbook has over 100 recipes of main courses, including soups, breads, preserves and breakfasts. The book includes the favorite Mennonite dish of Pierogi [Varenyky] with cottage cheese. You will find a diverse collection of recipes from Belizean Rice and Beans with Stewed Chicken, Mexican Huevos Rancheros and Canadian Poutine.


Because of my love for cooking, my mom's unorganized collection of recipes and those recipes that never were written down, this cookbook has been created.


Most of the recipes are simple, practical dishes cooked from scratch, that are convenient for everyday cooking. Cooking from scratch, makes each meal hearty and wholesome. Which helps you feed your family or guests delicious meals with ease and efficiency.


Joselyn Schmitt is a young, married Russian Mennonite, who was born in Belize and now lives in Canada. The Mennonite culture highly values hard work and hearty meals, which has deeply impacted her love and skill in cooking. Her mom taught her the basics of cooking when she was very young. She has been cooking meals everyday since, usually for her husband or family and sometimes for crowds.

Mom's Unwritten Recipes Cookbook